All you want to do in the summer is be outside, enjoy the warmth, and sit by the pool. However, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, this could be your absolute worst nightmare. Between the sneezing and itching, it’s almost impossible to get outside and take in the summer months. There are ways, though, for you to avoid certain allergies during these precious few months.

At Shine Health and Wellness, located in Pasadena, California, Dr. Kimberley Shine and her team are focused on helping you eliminate your allergies this summer. Dr. Shine has years of experience in family and functional medicine, including treating allergies. She helps you figure out ways to avoid your allergens, so you can finally take in the sights and smells of summer.

What causes summer allergies?

Pollen is by far the biggest reason most people suffer from summer allergies. Pollen is at its worst in the spring, but can also drag on into the summer months. Other common causes of summer allergies include:

  • Mold spores
  • Dust mites
  • Grass
  • Ragweed
  • Air pollution

If your immune system is sensitive to any of the above allergens, you could be in for quite an uncomfortable summer. Seasonal allergies are actually caused by an immune response. Your immune system mistakes allergens as dangerous, which initializes an immune response.

This is why you experience uncomfortable and annoying symptoms when you come into contact with a specific allergen. The same goes for insect stings and pet dander, when you’re allergic to them.

Symptoms of summer allergies

Summer is a warm and often sunny time of year where you want to be outside enjoying the weather. However, when you suffer from allergies, it makes going outside almost unbearable at times.

The symptoms you experience can vary from mild to severe, depending on how bad your allergy to the substance is. There are several symptoms that signal an allergy, including:

  • Watery or itchy eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose or congestion
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Congestion in your ears and sinuses
  • Itchy throat

In the case of insect stings, you could have a life-threatening allergy, which can result in anaphylaxis. This is a highly dangerous reaction that causes shock and your throat to close. The immediate treatment for this is to carry epinephrine in the form of an injection.

Tips to avoid your allergy triggers

Dr. Shine and her team are ready to help you move past your allergy symptoms. She gives you the tips you need to avoid your allergens, so you can enjoy being outside. Some of the best tips for avoiding allergens this summer include:

Another way to help you avoid your allergens is through allergy testing. Dr. Shine offers allergy testing, so you know exactly the allergens to which your body responds. This makes treatment and avoidance much easier in the long run.

If you’re tired of dealing with uncomfortable allergy symptoms, call our office today, or book an appointment online with our expert team today.

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