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IV Therapy

At Shine Health and Wellness, we are pleased to offer IV therapies to our patients. We offer a wide range of treatments, from simple hydration to more customized therapies, including unique combinations of vitamins and minerals. We tailor each IV therapy session to the individual, depending on their needs and existing conditions.

The primary benefit of IV therapy is that it delivers the needed products directly to the bloodstream. Rather than waiting for nutrients to be absorbed through the digestive system, our patients can quickly receive them where the body will actually utilize them. Most therapies take between 15 and 30 minutes to administer, and we even have some patients come in on their lunch breaks!

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WHY DO I NEED IV THERAPY? Intravenous administarion of vitamins and nutrients allow for larger amounts and better absorption so you can get much higher concentrations of the nutrients in. Many of us are so nutritionally low that we will never catch up by using oral options alone.


It’s a blend of vitamins and minerals that support cell function, hydration and aid the liver in detoxification.

  • BENEFITS AND USES: Uses: to help with fatigue, dehydration, replenish nutrient levels,migraines, asthma attacks,chronic fatigue, anxiety, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasm and seasonal allergies.
  • Benefits may include : hydration, immunity boosting, nervous system support, detoxification support, improving energy levels, stress reduction

WHAT IS PTC? Phosphatidylcholine is an essential fatty acid that contains two parts, choline and acetylcholine. Choline is an amino acid needed for cell function that is not made in the body and must be consumed in the diet. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that supports brain health.

  • BENEFITS AND USES: Uses: memory impairment, brain fog, inflammatory conditions, fatigue, toxin or viral burden, artery plaque reduction, improving energy levels by impacting the mitochondria.
  • Benefits: anti inflammatory, memory support and helps with brain fog, fatigue, breaks up plaque, hyperlipidemia reduction, heart support, toxin and virus removal.

WHAT IS GLUTATHIONE? It is a very powerful antioxidant called a tripeptide, meaning it’s made up of three amino acids, glycine, cysteine and glutamine.

  • BENEFITS AND USES: Uses are for chronic fatigue, headaches, joint pains antiaging, liver detoxification support, toxin burden, reduces oxidative stress ( cell and dna damage).
  • Benefits May include :improved intestinal health, liver detoxification, anti aging, hormone support, fatigue and, stress reduction, toxin reduction and nerve support

WHAT IS HIGH DOSE VITAMIN C? Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant needed for many cell processes and liver detoxification. Given intravenously you absorb 100% of this antioxidant compared to approximately 70% when taken orally.

BENEFITS AND USES: Uses are for bacterial and viral illness, chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, inflammation, seasonal allergies, boost immunity ,chronic pain and cancer support.

Benefits: May include reduction of pain and inflammation, improvement of energy levels, reduction of allergy symptoms, immunity boosting, reduction of viral or bacterial illnesses and improvement of autoimmune flare symptoms.