Andrea C.
Submitted 08/16/22
I LOVE how detailed and knowledgeable Dr. Shine and her staff are! They’re also very caring. I couldn’t be happier with how they look after my health. Dr. Shine has helped me resolve some health issues no other doc has been able to.

Danielle M.
Submitted 07/20/22
I love Dr Shine, Lauren and everyone who works there!! Such a great group of people working as my team to get to the the root cause of my health issues. My health and quality of life is so good compared to how I was before I started working with everyone.they’ve really “fixed” so many problems I have having with IBS. I’ve recommended them to tons of friends and my husband is a patient there too!

Willa D.
Submitted 07/15/22
Very thorough and explains well to the patient.

Stephany F.
Submitted 06/23/22
Lovely staff and smart, attentive doctor.

Rebecca J.
Submitted 06/21/22
Always provides a holistic perspective on overall wellness!

Darlene N.
Submitted 06/14/22
Dr. Shine is knowledgeable, sensitive and practical in her approach.

Barbara G.
Submitted 05/20/22
I am well taken care of by Dr. Shine and her team. I appreciate the expertise, efficiency and communication. I’m so grateful.

Karen B.
Submitted 05/13/22
Excellent ! Dr Shine is very attentive and committed to finding solutions to better my health. She is compassionate and willing to spend the time needed to understand the issues at hand

Stephen C.
Submitted 05/01/22
We covered the main talking points well.

Bella A.
Submitted 04/19/22
Dr. shine is thorough and thoughtful and I feel so fortunate to have found her during this time I’m my life to guide me through my health journey.

Ann V.
Submitted 04/08/22
I always walk away with the feeling that I am in good hands with Dr Shine. Her level of empathy and care is a model for other practitioners.

Roland T.
Submitted 04/05/22
First time with the doctor . Me and my wife are pleased . Thanks

Kayla T.
Submitted 04/01/22
Dr. Shine and her team have been amazing to work with! They go the extra mile and have made me feel heard. Highly recommend!

Elliot F.
Submitted 03/23/22
Great experience

Harriet “Diane” S.
Submitted 03/18/22
Excellent. Dr. Shine listens and addresses every concern. She is caring and compassionate.

Willa D.
Submitted 03/14/22
Positive support

Dawn J.
Submitted 02/26/22
Dr Shine is very thorough and professional!

Vincent B.
Submitted 02/24/22
Best Dr. I’ve ever had

Matthew L.
Submitted 02/22/22
Dr. Shine and her staff are caring, kind, and professional. She takes a holistic approach to health and tries to find the root problem of any symptoms you’re experiencing. I went to a lot of different doctors for a problem I’ve been dealing with and was told “that’s normal” or “everything seems fine” when I could clearly feel it wasn’t. After seeing Dr. Shine we’ve found multiple reasons for my body feeling the way it has and have started to address them. I’m beginning to feel better and have hope that there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. I recommend Dr. Shine to anyone and especially if other doctors have not been able to help you.

Rona C.
Submitted 01/18/22
Dr. Shine takes her time providing guidance based on my lab work and any other tests that may have been performed. She listens to any concerns intently so I do my best to be prepared and respect her time.

Janet R.
Submitted 11/29/21
All questions answered. Also we had a nice little chat. Thank You, Dr. Shine!

Colin S.
Submitted 10/26/21
Dr. Shine is always kind, attentive, thorough and caring. She always provides a game plan that I’m confident about. Highly recommend her.

Serena B.
Submitted 10/12/21
Dr. Shine is very knowledgeable and caring. She uses a holistic approach with both Western medicine and nutrition which is why I was excited about seeing her. She understands the way the body functions from a cellular level up. I’m really happy with the care I’ve received from Dr. Shine and her staff and have recommended the clinic to others.

Richard F.
Submitted 09/30/21
My online visit started on time, was thorough, didn’t feel rushed, and no glitches. Thank you, Shinehealthwellness.

Jacqueline C.
Submitted 09/29/21
Simply wonderful. Felt heard, valued, and cared for

Diane B.
Submitted 09/26/21
Dr. Shine is thoughtful, with an actionable plan to address my health concerns.

Kimberley W.
Submitted 09/17/21
Caring doctor with friendly staff. I felt cared for and understood.

Christopher C.
Submitted 09/08/21
It was my first time meeting Dr Shine, even though I have been a patient at the office for over a year. I wish I had seen her earlier because she is brilliant in the way she processes information and looks for patterns that concern her.

Vincent B.
Submitted 08/26/21
I always receive the best of care from Dr. Shine. She listens and investigates all my concerns.

Glenda D.
Submitted 08/25/21
Dr. Shine and staff are thorough, kind and welcoming! I’ve never had such great care in my life. It feels great to know there are people who will look at your health extensively and get you to be the best version of you!

Blaine T.
Submitted 07/29/21
Dr. Shine was hands down the most caring doctor I’ve ever had. I felt she really took the time to understand my health from the perspective of my goals and concerns (fertility and stress reduction in my case). I love how she elevates the importance of mental and spiritual wellbeing as much as physical data on a chart.

Jazmine S.
Submitted 07/27/21
Dr. Shine is very patient and thorough when explaining your health information and answering questions.

Renee S.
Submitted 07/10/21
As always Dr. Shine is kind and professional. I know that I am in good hands.

Janet R.
Submitted 02/26/21
Dr. Shine is very thorough ! Listens and will figure out your problem.

Jason L.
Submitted 02/10/21
Both the docs and the staff go above and beyond to investigate the best possible personalized treatment for their patients. Over the past year, I’ve learned a lot about my health and how to manage it and I’m very much appreciative for the education. I feel like I’ve found unicorn practitioners in the medical forest. Thank you!

Sarai L.
Submitted 02/04/21
Dr. Shine provides the best medical care/attention a doctor can provide! Her method, as well those who work in her office, is the highest standard of health & wellness!!

Katelynn B.
Submitted 02/02/21
Dr. Shine is a wonderful physician. After our first e-appointment, I feel confident that my IBS symptoms will greatly improve. She is punctual, listens to all my concerns and answers my questions. Also, I like how she orders a holistic set of tests to obtain a comprehensive overview of your health to dig a bit deeper the cause of symptoms. She never questions whether my symptoms are believable or not, which is a rarity when it comes to conventional medicine; this is because she commits herself to a more holistic approach. I am so glad I found her! 10/10 would recommend!

Margaret. “GRETTA” G.
Submitted 01/21/21
Had a great conversation with Dr. Shine, she listened to all my concerns, and asked great questions. Her staff got right back with me to move forward with my health plan!

Ann V.
Submitted 01/17/21
Dr Shine is always punctual for our e-appointments. She really listens and answers all my questions. I always feel that my health is important to her and that she really cares. This is what I’m looking for in a physician.

Leann M.
Submitted 01/13/21
I just moved to this area and was concerned about finding good medical care. Shine Health and Wellness has been a great find! The care goes above and beyond regular clinics while using various treatments not just traditional methods. I love the integrative approach and look forward to continuing to work with the amazing team to help solve my issues.

Frank G.
Submitted 02/27/20
I have had allergies and asthma all of my life, and have had to take anti-histamines since I was young. Since being treated at SHW, my sinuses and lungs are clear and I am off of all anti-histamines! This for me has been a true miracle and I’m telling everyone I know about the help I received here.